Black – the longest-running fetish in modern fashion history

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The complexity of the clothes created by Galliano or McQueen are richly nuanced on many levels. Even so, they couldn’t oust the fashionable woman’s fetish for the colour black.  Its power for men as well as women is well cataloged and streches back to Elizabethan times. Its associations with elegance and grandeur have made it the colour of sophistication. Its association with sadomasochism and perversion have developed, in an unorthodox way, a sexy-inspiring colour. In fact, the black has always had its place in the world of high fashion.

For all its long history, black was merely one of the colours in the wardrobe of a woman of fashion. Actually, it spread like a fire, at all levels. Designers wore black, fashion journalists wore black, students wore black, secretaries and computer programmers wore black. The black caught the imagination of industry itself. Didn’t even Giorgio Armani wear black more often than not? Certainly, most off his staff did. Giani Versace was rarely seen in anything else. It was Karl Lagerfeld’s favourite colour and Dolce&Gabbana made it their trademark. No matter how much colour was shown on a designer’s runway, it was inevitably watched by an audience dressed entirely in black.

Black became ubiquitous for all age groups and in all walks of life.

But, the present time slows the power of black, but certainly the colour will not die. Black is, per se, the colour of power. Therefore, I suggest to wear uni trouser suits or dresses, but always accessorized with XXL necklaces or earrings, red longline gloves and scarf!

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